Lynda Prince’s Journey


I’ve been on a journey starting Fall 2011, fasting and praying for more of YAH. My appetite for more of Him was never satisfied. As a globetrotter for the LORD, I was discouraged at the condition of His Body on earth. It appeared we were nowhere near where we should be in Him after several thousand years!

In this fast I asked the LORD one question: “Are there any Old Testament type prophets left on this earth?” If so, can I see them in action? Several days later a book landed in my hands, and which I sent to many of you, entitled “Raising a Company of Prophets” by Vincent Selvakumar of India. The back of the book tells of an “Open Heavens Prophetic Conference,” the next one only weeks away to be held in Egypt and Israel from end November 2011. The book answered many questions for me. I read it in 4 hours, and I had to be at that conference. At 4 am I got online to register for it but the conference was full and closed. But I wouldn’t give up. I managed to meet the pastor who gave the book to a friend, and who had left it sitting for months before loaning it to me. Through a supernatural move of Jehovah I was at the conference two weeks later. Thank you Yahushua—all glory to our soon-coming Messiah, the King of Kings!

I was extremely grateful to the LORD to be there. And I worshipped Him with over 300 others from 22 nations whom I’ve never met before. And He satisfied my appetite… for the time being. I saw real prophets in action, and the LORD blessed me even more, so not only did I meet them I also got to shake their hands! Here I was in Egypt, landing in Cairo, as the storms of riots were gathering but they never crossed my mind for I was so hungry, even starving, for more of the LORD. I would die trying to get there rather than stay stuck in my home! Not a hair on my head was touched, except my dignity. The Arab man who drove us to Mt Sinai had the audacity to ask me to marry them, as they are allowed three wives or more! Even that which would normally upset me to no end did not dampen my enthusiasm to get to the meeting tent at the foot of Mt Sinai, Egypt. I know people say it’s not the real deal but that is what it is called and Elijah prayed in the cave there and that was good enough for me! I just wanted to hear the messages, the WORD. I wanted to grow and move forward in things of YAH and not get into theological debates!

The LORD met me in Egypt, and into Israel. I was one of His children after wandering in the wilderness. Coming into the Promise Land I had many supernatural encounters. I witnessed and saw holiness displayed in action, power, and authority by His holy prophets. I wept a lot, much of it in thanksgiving for bringing me higher and opening a whole new spiritual realm to me. I shared this book and teachings with many of you… and now you are meeting the prophets for yourselves. In Egypt I invited Robert Misst of New Zealand to come and minister to our people. To my surprise he responded immediately and has been with us 3 times now within a one year period at the Tsawwassen Longhouse in Vancouver BC (June 2012, November 2012, June 2013). Robert has delivered specific words from the LORD to our First People (I am attaching these for your perusal also).

The Word at the first meeting was “We were created to be warriors.” So why are we in the state we are in? We were chosen to be one of seven PRINCE NATIONS in the world, and each Prince Nation has a specific mandate from the LORD as He created us. He created us for a special purpose and reserved us for the “END TIMES.” This Word was a confirmation to a dream I had during that 21-day fast before the book landed in my hands, and which came to pass within three weeks. That’s how quick the LORD is moving in these last days on Planet Earth as we know it!

Several years prior I had another dream just coming off a fast, having just returned from Israel. In that dream I witnessed nations going into battle in the spiritual realm for Israel. Yahushua was Commander-in-chief as He lined us up, assigning each nation their place. We the First Nations of North America were lined up last for the simple reason we were His Army Reserves specifically created to be last. Realizing the dream related to the end times and we had the most important role of all, I couldn’t eat for days. I was so affected. It was like I was right there in Heaven during the dream. As the Apostle Paul said, “whether I was there or not I do not know.” But that was what I experienced and saw!

Then Robert Misst came along and prophesied what I already witnessed and saw. So I knew that the prophetic word is true and from the LORD. Only He knew the encounter in my dream of 2005 or 2006.

We were created to be—and we ARE—warriors!

The next Word from Robert Misst was that we had to rise up as First People to take our place as one of the seven Prince Nations in the world. Upon His Second Coming we are expected to “return the NorthAmerican continent (Turtle Island) back to Him.”

The Word after this was “how we can accomplish this task.” Specifically, it was by way of the triple-braided cord of establishing (1) the School of Prophets (the “prophetic”), (2) the School of Worship, Warfare, and Intercession (the “priestly”), and (3) the School of Discipleship (the “kingly”) through Houses of Prayer on our reserves, villages, reservations, not in cities, right in our First Nation communities. We had to get back to being spiritual warriors He created us to be. It is something Jehovah (the Living Creator) instilled in us. He is calling us back to our heritage in these end days! We were born for such a day as this. We may have been placed in the back burner for hundreds of years. But our time to arise and move forward has arrived! If we don’t, the prophetic word says we may lose our inheritance of ruling and reigning with Him in the New Millennium. Never question that we wouldn’t be saved and be with Him in eternity. But to rule and reign as one of the Prince Nations during the New Millennium is a blessing from Messiah Yahushua, who is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords!

I can dig that, can you? What an honor! What a privilege! I don’t want to throw that away. So how do we do that? Prayer is the immediate key. Jill Shannon, a Messianic Jew from Israel, was mandated by our own LORD to help us FNNA establish Houses of Prayer in our FN communities. Jill accepted the mandate. At the 2013 gathering she gave us a manual she compiled to be freely distributed, so we can set up Houses of Prayer in our native communities. Jill and Robert Misst, who has been a Prophet-Intercessor for over 20 years, have produced a book/CD entitled “Worship, Warfare and Intercession Before the Throne of God”/”Song of the Lamb,” which many of you already have. With the prophetic

(through Robert Misst) and the priestly (through Jill Shannon) in place, the LORD then mandated Pastor Bernard Lee to join as the third strand of the triple-braided cord in the area of teaching discipleship with Christ.

Right after the June Tsawwassen gathering, the three of them proceeded to the Soboba Reservation to be with Jerome and Diane Salgado and their community. Besides the teaching on the prophetic (by Robert), the priestly (by Jill), and discipleship (by Ps Bernard), specific powerful prophetic acts were also carried out there on the clear instructions of the LORD through the prophetic word. From there they went to minister together at a black church in St Louis. Immediately after that, Robert and Jill, in response to an invitation from Jean and Gary Hill, proceeded to North Battleford, Saskatchewan, to minister powerfully among our people.

I encourage you to visit (Jill Shannon) and (Ps Bernard Lee) for more teaching. As well, you can email for more of Robert Misst’s available teaching material.

(12 July 2013, Lynda Prince)


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