Lord Unveils to J. DePalmo

THE LORD Unveils His Heart to Jackie DePalmo, 5 August 2013

(Klee L’Adonai Dance Ministries, San Diego USA)

Shalom Beloved of The King of Glory, I submit what I am sending for wisdom and to be judged.

On August 5th, at 3:40 AM, THE LORD woke me up and asked me to come into the Living room of our home. I did.

His heart was sad He spoke these words:

“Oh Jackie, Jackie

Great disturbance

In the earth today

Great disturbance”

I spoke back to Him:

“LORD in the midst of it all I will stay by Your side

And worship You”

“I will not speak against You”

He said: “He must bring forth His Word”

I said:

“LORD, help me to stay by Your side

In worship and adoration”

Spirit of the LORD directed me to Matthew 24—all of it.

Then at 3:50, Spirit of the LORD directed me to Matthew 23:25-39.

He said:

“Bob Misst speaks Truth

I have sent him to speak warnings— not what we want to hear, yet what must be spoken.”

“I speak to the prophets before I bring it to pass. Hear the WORD of THE LORD:

Prepare your hearts for ME!”



As I prepare to send this Holy Spirit has directed me to:

Daniel 12