Word Received

Word Received June 13, 2013

We were worshipping intensely for the second day, in Bernard’s living room. The Lord entered the room during worship, and His head was covered with a prayer shawl, and He was very serious and not smiling. He told Bob to begin to write the Word of the Lord.

“The destiny of the N. American churches are tied to the destiny of the First Nation/Native American people.

“I will take the wealth of the church in N. America and give it to these – who are poor, broken, oppressed and un-cared for, and I will care for them if My church cannot do it, but I will do it My way, by taking the wealth of the church and distributing it to My First Nation’s people.

“I am not just calling the chiefs and elders of the First Nations people. I am calling all pastors of all churches to this Eagle Mountain retreat, to those who come and to those who can hear My voice, call them and who understands that their destiny as a church is tied to the destiny I have for the First Nations. Blessed are these Pastors and churches who hear My voice and obey Me, says the Lord.

“From out of this mountain My bride will be brought forth by My angels, as the voice of the Eagles speaks forth, I will form My bride and lead her forth into the wilderness, and the into the promise of the Millennium reign of My Son.

“The march of My saints will be led by My First Nations peoples as they are first among many sons.”

Then Jill asked the Lord, “When do You want this gathering to take place, Lord, as the year 2013 is already half over?”

Bob replied that the Lord immediately answered this question:

“Rosh HaShannah, the Feast of Trumpets. At the blowing of the trumpets, My bride in N. America will come forth from My holy mountain.


At last night MPW, Abraham visited me at the MPW and said this is a tough conference for all – but those who come will be blessed – then he said “send out reminders by e mail every week from now on. Remember I stood at the gates watching for the prodigal son to return, I used to send my servants miles down the road and into the city to seek him and to bring him home. You have internet so use it each week with reminding them and calling them. The angels will do the rest. Our LORD desires to see 300 come – we must not expect 299 – remember HE would even go for the last one sheep – we too must not dare to be satisfied with 299. Heaven is there to help you – get the intercessors on your list to pray and fast and to send the angels out to bring in the sheaves – the pastors, chiefs, leaders and anyone who hears this call to “come.”

EXCERPT from EMAIL from BOB MISST to Pastor BERNARD LEE on 28 July 2013

It [Eagle Rock Gathering] is not going to be a piece of cake – this is spiritual warfare. In yesterday’s MPW the enemy came to say – “We will see this won’t happen, we will make everyone so busy with seemingly important things than come for you useless retreat” I said, “praise the LORD, we know your plans, and in the Power of the Name of the LORD, we will frustrate your plans, hallelujah.!!!

WORD FOR FIRST NATIONS OF NORTH AMERICA (Received May 2012 by Robert Misst during his midnight prayer watch)

Here’s the prophetic word I received from the esteemed prophets, from which the conference theme is developed if you discern that it should be given to Linda, please do so, if not keep it to yourself.

Isaiah: You are a warrior people. Your ancestors were warriors. Why then are you in such a state today? Look Higher, come up higher. Even before your ancestors were, I AM.

Clear your mind

Clear your heart.

Clear your soul

Speak to your spirit to arise in my NAME – the name of JESUS!

I am putting a NEW FIRE in you, a new life in you. MY LIFE is in you and the fire of my HOLY SPIRIT is in you.

You are my bride and I love you. I shed my blood for you on the cross. I ransomed you. I paid a price for you, you are MINE, you belong to ME.

Listen to ME. Do not be disobedient. Disobedience will lead you to desperation, despair and degradation.

Obedience to ME will raise you up to take your rightful place before MY THRONE as warriors of your LORD and SAVIOR and KING. You are a spiritual people who by spiritual warfare, which you must learn correctly in my word, the scriptures and from no where else, you will do spiritual warfare with my angels and saints for the end time battles for your nations. Yes you will deliver your nations, from the power of the enemy – as you join me and my heavenly host of warriors I will give you the victory and you will reign with me when I return and set up my kingdom on the earth when I rule from Jerusalem, you will rule with me in your nations – you are my PRINCE (Israel in Hebrew), and this is your portion and cup. Will you drink of this cup as I drank of the cup my Father gave me and therby won salvation to all who believe in, trust and follow me? Your obedience will determine your inheritance in these last days – redeem your heritage or lose it in the millennium age when I return as KING and LORD over all the nations of the eearth.

Jeremiah: I hear a sound of of war in the heavens, who are these mighty warriors, dressed in frightening armour and ready for battle. Who has trained them in the art of warfare? Who has made them battle ready? Why is the LORD OF HOSTS, Adonai Tzevaot, pleased with this awesome army?

You are a warrior people. Do not throw away your inheritance in the LORD. See the days are coming to redeem the nations and to gather them to the LORD – who will do this. HIS BRIDE will do it for him as the might men of David ran through enemy lines to bring their king a cup of water. YES the LORD ALMIGHTY thirsts for the nations who will bring them to HIM. HIS BRIDE and you are HIS BRIDE, these nations were given to you, you are that mighty army of heaven on earth, you are those warriors dressed in frightening armour, you are the one trained in spiritual battle, you are the bride of HIS pride and then one to give the nation back to HIM as HE gave it to you.

See many are joining you, brothers and sisters from many lands that have come to your nation and have heard your cries, but you O MIGHTY ONE of the LORD MOST HIGH GOD arise and take your place, learn HIS WAYS, become HIS warriors, for the time is short and the days of darkness are descending, it is already twilight now. Do not throw away your inheritance. THE LORD, HE gave you this nation HE will come back and ask you for it, then you will reign and rule with HIM when HE sets up HIS kingdom. Yes, you will rule with him in the nations he gave you as you do warfare to get it back for your LORD AND KING.

Zechariah: The MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL looks down on you with love, with mercy, with kindness.

He has given me a vision for you HIS people.You are a warrior Prince of the LORD of the LORD OF HOSTS, Adonai

Tzevaot. Mighty in battle for the LORD as HIS warriors, HIS end-time warriors. YOU will take back the land that HE gave you and present it to HIM when HE returns as the KING of all kings and the LORD of all lords. But you must learn to do spiritual warfare in the way it is given to you in the holy scriptures. DO NOT look to the wisdom of the past – but to the wisdom of my 7 Spirits of God that have been sent into all the earth to help the bride of the LORD JESUS, LORD YESHUA, to get ready for the end time battles and end time protocols. You are to get ready NOW, time is too short to cry over the past. You can either win back your inheritance or lose it forever by apathy.


They will teach you through my prophets and teachers to whom revelation has been released for these times. Get ready, get ready, get ready, do not through your inheritance away. You are a warrior bride and EZER bride, and you will redeem this land I have to your forefathers, by you obedience to ME you will redeem this land and present it to ME when I return to rule the earth, you will rule with me as my PRINCE.


Dear Ones,

I had a vision very early yesterday morning. I sent it to Bob this morning, but wanted to send it to you as well, in case the Lord shows you what it means.

In the vision, I saw the pathway outside, leading to the large log cabin cafeteria building where we will be meeting for the retreat. I was looking at the outer walkway, leading to the double doors we will walk through, and just inside those doors, we will pass through the Tent of Meeting.

What I saw in the vision was 7 torches, lined up along the walkway, on the right side, seven in a row, and all the people must pass by these torches in order to get to the double doors. They were very tall, huge, blazing torches, standing like guards or sentries, and the people had to pass by them, and then go through the Tent of Meeting after they enter the building. I sensed they might be the 7 Spirits of God.

Then the scene changed, and I saw an old grey stone wall, and in the wall was a tall indented area, a carved out, rounded section, a half circle of rounded stone indented into the wall. Inside the wall, at the base of the half-circle was a ledge, like where you would put a potted plant.

On the ledge sat a golden bowl, and the bowl was empty. While I was looking at the bowl and thinking about it, the bowl just disappeared. I felt sad when it disappeared, and wondered what it meant.

That’s the whole vision. I am wondering if the bowl is the bowl of prayer, and if it is empty and needs to be filled, before we bring it into the tent of meeting, and if it disappeared, does that mean the enemy wants to keep people away, so they can’t fill the bowl? That’s just a guess, I don’t know what it means.

If you get something, let me know.

Much love,


THE LORD Unveils His Heart to Jackie DePalmo, 5 August 2013

(Klee L’Adonai Dance Ministries, San Diego USA)

Shalom Beloved of The King of Glory, I submit what I am sending for wisdom and to be judged.

On August 5th, at 3:40 AM, THE LORD woke me up and asked me to come into the Living room of our home. I did.

His heart was sad He spoke these words:

“Oh Jackie, Jackie

Great disturbance

In the earth today

Great disturbance”

I spoke back to Him:

“LORD in the midst of it all I will stay by Your side

And worship You”

“I will not speak against You”

He said: “He must bring forth His Word”

I said:

“LORD, help me to stay by Your side

In worship and adoration”

Spirit of the LORD directed me to Matthew 24—all of it.

Then at 3:50, Spirit of the LORD directed me to Matthew 23:25-39.

He said:

“Bob Misst speaks Truth

I have sent him to speak warnings— not what we want to hear, yet what must be spoken.”

“I speak to the prophets before I bring it to pass. Hear the WORD of THE LORD:

Prepare your hearts for ME!”



As I prepare to send this Holy Spirit has directed me to:

Daniel 12


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