The Lord Jesus desires His native people to rise up into their princely end-time destiny. He is restoring to them all of the blessings, natural and spiritual, which have been lost or stolen. For too long First Nation spiritual leaders have been separated from the larger body of Messiah.

The LORD has spoken prophetically about this problem. He Himself is commissioning this holy gathering. He is calling North American pastors and leaders to join their hearts in this restorative process. In this ground-breaking end-time conference, He is knitting our hearts and destiny together as one North American Bride. As we combine tangible acts of love with worship, warfare, intercession and prophetic declaration, Native American believers will rise up into their destiny as an indivisible part of the one bride in Christ.

At this forthcoming 2013 Eagle Rock Rosh Hoshanna Gathering, please join with us in Spirit, in person, in prayer, and in any other means as the Lord directs. In accordance to His specific Counsel and Will, we will not only be laying another holy stone to this Bridal Altar of Christ at this Gathering but also also try to finally fill up the Bowl of Intercession that has been rising over many decades through the sacrificial love of many faithful ones across this beautiful land called “Turtle Island” by the First Peoples of America. A holy covenant can be sealed before Him when we gather together and a divine submission taken to heaven for our Bridal Destiny if we can fully please our God. Hallelujah!


CONFERENCE DATES: Wed, September 4 – Sat, September 7, 2013.

DAY OF ARRIVAL: 4 Sep 2013. We strongly advise that you arrange to arrive at the retreat before sunset, due to the winding, mountain roads, if this is your first time.

3:00-6:00 pm: Signing-in/check-in at the Eagle Rock Retreat Center (name tags & room keys assigned)

6:00-7:00 pm: Dinner

7:30-10:00 pm: Session #1

DAY OF DEPARTURE: Saturday, Sept. 7th. LAST CONFERENCE SESSION ends Friday night. Participants may depart retreat center on Saturday morning, latest checkout 1 PM. Breakfast will be served. We strongly advise against leaving the retreat at night, due to the winding, mountain roads, unless you are familiar with the drive.

RETREAT LOCATION: Eagle Rock Retreat Center: 855 337 3772

28879 Forest Road 1162, Eagle Rock, MO 65641 (www.eaglerockmissouri.org)

FACILITATORS and SPEAKERS: (see bio’s at the end of this brochure)

Bernard Lee, Pastor of Jesus Endtimes Ministries (www.disciplechrist.com)

Jill Shannon, Messianic singer/songwriter, author & teacher (www.coffeetalkswithmessiah.com)

Robert Misst, Prophet-intercessor, author & teacher

First Nations speakers and other speakers to be announced

Contact Us for further information:

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